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INSIGHT project 2nd Consortium Meeting

Published: 2016-12-18

INSIGHT arranges another successful meeting in Cork 17-18 November 2016

 A photograph of the consortium members who took part in the meeting

The consortium joined again for the second consortium meeting, held this time in marvelous city of Cork, Ireland at the Tyndall National Institute. Located on the River Lee in central Cork, as a fantastic merger between an old malting facility and high-tech laboratory, Tyndall was the perfect setting for yet another successful meeting for the consortium.

Entrance hall at Tyndall National Institute Tyndall outside view Photograph of the river Lee

 Step by step, the progress and status of the project's work packages were discussed. The presented device and circuit results were the topic of numerous lively discussions during the breaks. It was clear that progress at this point was in-line or even better than had been anticipated at the start of the project. Apart from being a cause for the overall pleasant mood of the meeting, it speaks promising for the upcoming challenges down the road. 

Attentive listeners at the Cork meeting lively coffee break discussions

A good mood

In the afternoon Professor Luca Selmi of the University of Udine, coordinator of the III-V MOS project, visited the meeting to give an inspiring lecture of the outcomes of their project, that focuses on developing simulation models for III-V nanoscale electronic devices. 

Luca Selmi giving a talk at INSIGHT consortium meeting 2


That evening, the consortium dinner was held in a wonderful restaurant in central Cork, where local cuisine was nicely mixed with continued discussions on science, politics and life. 

Consortium dinner in Cork Lab tour at Tyndall

The following day the results and status of the remaining work packages were discussed, followed by the General Assembly, which among other things of importance, also decided the schedule for the project until our next meeting in March/April next year. Finally, we had the pleasure of partaking in a guided tour of the awe-inspiring Tyndall laboratories, and left for home with a sense of purpose and inspiration that only a well-arranged meeting in an exciting project will give you.

Thank you to Paul and the crew at Tyndall for the fantastic time in Cork.


INSIGHT project 1st Consortium Meeting

Published: 2016-05-02

INSIGHT teamwork intensified in Glasgow 25-26 April 2016

In the impressive University of Glasgow premises traditional architecture met nano high-tech in the 1st Consortium Meeting of the INSIGHT research team. Collaborative teamwork continued with high participation, great engagement and collaborative spirit.

The project progress was discussed and first milestones were reached in the effort to improve performance using so called III-V nanowires integrated on traditional silicon platforms. The results are expected to have a huge potential in terms of high performance, low power consumption and low cost, a fact that can open new possibilities for the electronics (devices and infrastructure) of the future.

Concrete scientific progress is already achieved in the various work packages and results were discussed and peer-reviewed. Interesting ideas on scientific challenges and critical issues were exchanged and coordination of the interaction between the specific WP teams was streamlined and consolidated.

The main project management deliverables were presented. The back-office and administrative routines are secured to facilitate operational management.

Discussions led to a significant number of decisions and action points to ensure on-time deliverance of the projects results. Four scientific articles have been submitted and are awaiting publication.

Coordination with other EU-consortia like III-V MOS, COMPOSE, E2SWITCH is progressing and work on IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) and on how to exploit the research results will soon commence.

The Consortium will meet key industrial players through an Industrial Roadshow under preparation to secure a research direction with large potential to meet future business- needs and challenges.

The dinner in the beautiful university allowed the partners to once more observe that mutual trust is well established amongst the INSIGHT team.

The meeting ended with a guided visit to the Nano Lab from Dr. Iain Thayne where the usage of the infrastructure for the needs of INSIGHT and beyond was discussed.

See you next time in Cork!


INSIGHT project Kick-off

Published: 2016-03-15

INSIGHT teamwork kicked off in Lund 11-12 January 2016

The core INSIGHT team at the Kickoff-meeting in Biskopshuset, Lund. Photo: Anders Borgström

-We form a dream-team for future semiconductor technology, says Lars-Erik Wernersson, professor at EIT in Lund. The six partner project INSIGHT, coordinated by Lars-Erik,  will address integration of III-V semiconductors  on silicon aiming to boost future logic and RF-circuitry performances at low cost and low power consumption. The research team was recently granted a 3-year funding from the EU Horizon-2020 program.

In the beautiful tradition-laden environment of Biskopshuset in Lund, an important first step was taken towards new more advanced building blocks for future electronics. The researchers in INSIGHT had their kickoff-meeting and will from now on study how to improve performance using so called III-V nanowires integrated on traditonal silicon platforms. Combining the two worlds of silicon and III-V substrates is believed to have a huge potential in terms of high performance, low power consumption and low cost.

INSIGHT-partners discussing startup strategies. Photo: Anders Borgström

Internet of Things and Big-Data will benefit

Getting e.g. leakage currents down is a possibilty with III-IV technology which in turn could have a huge impact on global energy conservation when the implementation scales up and enter into devices and infrastructure of the future. A massive growth is expected within the electronics industry when billions of things (IoT) will be connected and huge amount of data (big-data) will be transferred, stored and processed.  Environmental and climate workers will cheer the groups results, for sure.

teamwork1Kick-off meeting in Lund, Sweden

The first outlining of this large EU-financed project was made at the Lund kickoff meeting 11-12 January 2016. The industrial and academic partner’s scientific backgrounds were all shared within the core group and a firm starting point for the project was defined. Work packages, coordination, critical issues, action points and more were discussed as well as how to communicate coming research findings.

Collaborative teamwork kicked off with great interest and engagement.


Discussing INSIGHT-preconditions and designing workflow. Photo: Anna Ntinidou

Coordination with other EU-consortia like III-V MOS, COMPOSE, E2SWITCH is another important activity where future ties will be developed. Also plans on IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) and how to exploit the research results will get early attention and involve all partners. All this to secure a research direction with large potential to meet future business- and societal needs and challenges.

An industry workshop will be formatted to be executed from year two and early planning for that is also needed in order to sort out content, targets, invitations, conference-links and more.

Kick-off dinner for the INSIGHT-project at Lund University Main Building.

A lot of work is coming up for the newly formed team and a get-to-know-each-other-better dinner was arranged day one of the kickoff in order to create good preconditions for future collaboration.

The meeting ended with a guided visit of Lund Nano Lab from Dr. Ivan Maximov, Head of Nanoprocess Lab where increased collaboration was discussed.  



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