Integration of III-V Nanowire Semiconductors for next
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The INSIGHT project is finishing

Published: 2019-05-31

After 42 months of work, INSIGHT is finally coming to an end. In summary, the project has been successful on all fronts. We have pushed the boundaries on III-V materials integration on Si, both digital and mmWave device performance, as well as having demonstrated packaged MMIC LNAs operating at 250 GHz.


INSIGHT presents THREE papers at IEDM 2018

Published: 2019-01-01

A very successful year for the INSIGHT consortium ends on top with INSIGHT being represented at this year's IEDM conference by no less than THREE papers. 

Two of the papers describe IBM's InGaAs device platform on Si in which both record performance in DC and high frequency is demonstrated. Lund contributes by presenting an all-III-V nanowire CMOS platform with balanced n- and p-type drive currents.



IBM and IAF presents highlight talk at VLSI 2018

Published: 2018-09-07

The IBM and Fraunhofer IAF team presented their work titled InGaAs-on-Insulator "MOSFETs Featuring Scaled Logic Devices and Record RF performance" at the 2018 VLSI Symposium in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. The paper was selected as a highlight of the conference, a true appreciation of the fantastic work of the team!

Below follows the abstract of the paper:

We demonstrate scaled InGaAs-on-insulator FinFETs and
planar MOSFETs on Si substrate for low power logic and RF
applications. This Si-CMOS compatible technology
implements SiNx source-drain spacers and doped extensions
for reduced overlap capacitances. FinFETs with performance
for logic applications matching state-of-the-art are
demonstrated. Simultaneously, ft and fmax of 400 and 100 GHz
are achieved respectively, the highest reported ft for a III-V
MOSFET on Si. Finally, we explore the use of an extended
gate line to reduce gate resistance, offering balanced ft/fmax of
215/300 GHz, the first report of III-V RF devices on Si
matching state of the art Si-CMOS.


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